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NEWS August 2013 - OKYWEB MIDI File players have been superceded by the new
MERISH PLUS MIDI & MP3 backing track player. If you require out of warranty repairs or service for any OkyWeb player, please contact Hit Trax for your nearest service centre. OkyWeb Software and latest firmware is available further down this page

More information on the MERISH PLUS is available at the dedicated website - click here for more information.

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OkyWeb 3 & OkyWeb3  'Super Sound' Downloads

OkyWeb featuresOkySoft-Pro vers. 2.01 (discontinued model)
      Okyweb 3 file management software for Windows 7, Vista, XP and 98

OkyWeb featuresOkyWeb3 user & software manual
OkyWeb featuresOkyWeb3 demo's
OkyWeb featuresInstall software/drivers instructions
OkyWeb featuresList of 400 free songs on OkyWeb3

OkyWeb featuresOkyweb3 Operating System vs: 2.11 (10/August/2010 - fixed play list issue)

OkyWeb 2 Downloads (discontinued model)

OkyWeb2OkyWeb featuresOkySoft-Pro vers: 2.01
      Okyweb 2 file management software for Windows Vista, XP and 98

OkyWeb featuresDownload OkyWeb2 user manuals
OkyWeb featuresDownload OkyWeb2 sound demo's
OkyWeb featuresDownload OkyWeb2 songs

OkyWeb 1 Downloads (discontinued model)


OkyWeb featuresDownload OkyWeb user manuals
OkyWeb featuresDownload OkyWeb sound demo's
OkyWeb featuresDownload OkySoft management program
OkyWeb featuresDownload OkyWeb songs

MIDI File Backing Tracks

Download MIDI File and MP3 backing tracks from Hit Trax MIDI. Approximately 40,000 licensed and fully produced MIDI and MP3 backing tracks. Also available are Live MP3 Backing Tracks. 24 - 7 download with FREE lyrics. Download ChordPro & SongBook ChordPro lyric and chord files. Go Hit Trax:

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