okyWeb 3 Super Sound MIDI File player

MIDI File & MP3 backing track player for entertainers

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OKYWEB3 'SUPER SOUND' is a compact self contained MIDI File, MP3 and Karaoke MIDI player designed for entertainers, singers and musicians using backing tracks.

OKYWEB3 'SUPER SOUND' has a pro quality internal 'sound engine' to play back MP3 and MIDI File backing tracks & includes a microphone input (with reverb/delay).

OKYWEB3 'SUPER SOUND' stores thousands of backing tracks on Compact Flash card memory with instant song loading. Change and store key, tempo, mute tracks/melody guides and alter instrument selection with ease.

OkySoft-Pro Editing Program: Transfer MIDI and MP3 files, edit songs, OkyTVformat CF cards+ more customizing functions. Best of all, OkySoft-Pro is FREE and included with the player.

Who's it for? OKYWEB3 'SUPER SOUND' is for musicians, entertainers, solo/duo/trio acts, karaoke presenters, music students, music schools. In fact anybody who needs fast, reliable and easy to use backing music.


* Plays MIDI files, MP3 and Karaoke MIDI
* inbuilt GM/GS sound module
* Instant load & play with foot switch control
* Edit & store key, tempo changes + more
* Cue next song while current song plays
* Create play lists with MIDI & MP3 songs
* Stores thousands of songs on CF card
* Huge 77 + note polyphony
* Optional foot switch for hands free control
* Includes microphone input with effects
* MIDI in/out/thru
* Optional OkyTV 7" lcd screen

OKYWEB3 'SUPER SOUND' plays MIDI and MP3 Backing tracks.The on-board MIDI sound module provides the full selection of GM/GS sounds and extra OkyWeb sounds. Standard MIDI Files 'load and play' without any modification. MP3 songs can be played side by side with MIDI and during set breaks.

OkyWeb 3 'SUPER SOUND' is now available. Replace aging floppy disc, mini disc and unreliable CD players with a compact all-in-one gig player. Delivery world wide within 2 - 5 days. 12 months warranty. OkyWeb3 'SUPER SOUND' , OkyTV and OkyStand available separately or see below for the OkyWeb GOLD package.

OkyWeb3 'SOkyweb2 and OkyTVUPER SOUND' COMBO package

Enhance your OKYWEB3 'SUPER SOUND' by adding the optional OKYTV 7" wide screen lcd viewing screen. Includes brackets/leads and takes only a minute to attach to the player. View scrolling lyrics - great for gigs and karaoke along with enhanced editing and play list screens.

(OkyWeb3 & OkyTV may differ in color & appearance as depicted here)

The ultimate GIG setup and includes:

* OkyWeb3 'SUPER SOUND' with upgraded 2 gb CF
* 400 FREE songs
* OkyTV 7" LCD monitor
* Stage Stand - with bracket designed for all Okyweb models

Okyweb2 and OkyTV


Note: OkyTV & Stand are 100% compatible with all OkyWeb models.
(OkyWeb3 SS & OkyTV may differ in color & appearance as depicted here)

OkyWeb 3 Super Sound MIDI File & MP3 PlayerGeneral MIDI MP3 Karaoke MF5 MF3


Q.Does OkyWeb 3-SS play MIDI and MP3?

A. Yes! And you can play MIDI and MP3 in play lists and normal play mode

.Q.All my MIDI file songs are on floppy disk. Do I have to buy them again on a Compact Flash card?

A. No. You can transfer songs from floppy disk, a PC hard disk, or any other media connected to a PC. Same with MP3.

Q. Do I have to have special equipment like a Flash Card reader to transfer the songs?

A. No, OKYWEB 3-SS includes a special PC program and transfer cable, however faster transfer is possible with a card reader.

Q. I am an entertainer. Is the internal GM/GS sound module good enough for professional use?

. Absolutely. OKYWEB 3-SS has the same sound chip as many expensive stage and studio keyboards.

Q. With so many songs stored is it easy to find the song I want?

A. There are various ways to find a song, but most are similar to finding a number on a mobile phone. Fast and easy.

Q. Do I have to connect to a TV set?

No, just plug into a PA or amplifier, but a TV screen or optional OkyTV is good for karaoke or rehearsing a new song.

Q. Can I mute and edit tracks in a song?

Yes you can mute any track or using the edit function. Plus, change key, tempo, instrument selection + more.

Q. Do lyrics appear on the LCD display?

A. No, the display is for song titles and information. You can view lyrics on a TV screen or the optional OkyTV auto cue. See below for details.

Q. How quickly do the songs load?

Because all songs are stored on-board they play almost instantly. You can even select the next song while the current one is playing.

Q. Can I create and recall play sets?

Yes, play list management is easy. Create up to 16 different play list with up to 240 songs per list. Combine MIDI and MP3 - no problem.

Q. Is there a foot switch control?

Yes - an optional foot switch is available. Program the foot switch to control start/play/pause, mic on/off, Effect on/off + more.

Q. Delivery and warranty?

2 to 5 days worldwide and 12 month repair/replacement warranty along with HitTrax FREE customer service.


OkyWeb 3 Super Sound MIDI File & MP3 Player